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Ultra Shit Inferno / Sloth

Sloth / Ultra Shit Inferno

Release date:
February 2005
Catalog ID:
Do It Rubbishly Records
7" vinyl
200 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Ultra Shit Inferno - The Journey to Mount Helldom Part 2 06:00  
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Side B
2. Sloth - I Just Want to Sukk & Fukk All the Little Girls That I See 01:55  
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3. Sloth - We're Not Rupture Butt We Think You Should Get Fukked 01:35  
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4. Sloth - My Name Is Not Tom Rojack Butt I Can Still Tell You to Get Out of Here 01:09  
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5. Sloth - I Am the Reason 01:13  
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Comes with hand-stitched paper sleeves, 25 of which had hand-stitched black card outer sleeves with a unique picture glued to each one.

Tracks 2-3 and 4-5 are switched on the back cover of the sleeve.

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