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E. Pluribus Interuptus


Release date:
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Side A
1. Last Temptation of Stroker Ace 02:29  
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2. Left Handed Astronaught 05:45  
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3. R.S.V.P. 03:21  
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Side B
4. Loaded 01:53  
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5. At the End 04:29  
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Band members
Dave Bass
Dom Guitars, Vocals
Craig Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Thugbad Cover art
Dave Bass
Dom Guitars, Vocals
Craig Drums
Thugbad Cover art
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"Loaded" previously appeared on the Exploder EP, and under the name "Drunk" on the very first Sloth recording, the 1994 "Basement Tape" which was limited to only 10 copies with printed labels.

The main riff of "At The End" later re-appeared as the main riff of "Ball Bra" on the "Division 1 State Champs" album, although the rest of the song, especially the guitar tone and vocal style, are entirely different. In the original its played in a distorted and heavy tone, with screamed vocals and technical drums, on the remake it's played in a cleaner, quieter tone, mellower drumming, and falsetto vocals singing humorous lyrics.

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