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Sloth / CSMD

Sloth / CSMD

Release date:
Catalog ID:
NFL#13 / SH30
No Fucking Labels
7" vinyl
200 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Sloth - The Worst Thing Quarthon Could Have Done Was Live After Recording "Blood, Fire, Death"  
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2. Sloth - March of the Squirrel Army  
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3. Sloth - Marv Albert's Gynecologist Is His Toupe  
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4. Sloth - My Armpits Smell like Hamburger Helper  
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5. Sloth - I Just Listened to Buzzov*en's New CD. I Like It Quite a Bit but It's Not Good Like "Sore"  
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6. Sloth - Olga  
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Side B
7. CSMD - Surf & Destroy (Astral Rock Destruction #2)  
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8. CSMD - David Bowel & Cindy Lepper  
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9. CSMD - Metal Runs Through the Blood  
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10. CSMD - Er zit een monster onder je bed (smartlap cover of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica)  
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11. CSMD - Lets Dance (live in Amsterdam)  
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Includes an insert.

Recording information:

Recorded on a 4-track recorder in the Sloth's canopy by Sloth. Edited by the Sneak at the Sneak's record store (Shifty Records).

Recorded at The Bondage Palace on a 9-track recorder.

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