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Lebensborn / Vimazerp / Skugge > The Beast Within
Lebensborn / Vimazerp / Skugge - The Beast Within
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Qui comando io!
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Qui comando io!
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The Beast Within

Lebensborn / Vimazerp / Skugge / Hexscythe

Release date:
May 26th, 2021
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Vexator Syndicate
None yet
1. Lebensborn - The Wolf's Legacy 07:20   Show lyrics
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2. Skugge - Strigoi (The Vampyric Rite) 02:47   Show lyrics
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3. Hexscythe - Last Train Home 05:59   Show lyrics
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4. Vimazerp - The Umbrian Elite 06:30   Show lyrics
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Luca Everything
Manuel Vocals (backing)
Vimazerp Everything
Ark Bass
Cryptus Guitars, Drum programming
Nekrist Vocals
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Recording information:

Lebensborn's "The Wolf's legacy" was recorded in Barcelona / Città di Castello between April / May 2021.

Skugge's "Strigoi. (The vampyric rite)" is part of the full length "Selvmordsskog" already released in April 2021.

Hexscythe's "Last train home" is an Exaltatio Diaboli's side project involving both members respectively M. composing all music and L. taking care of vocals & lyrics. It was recorded in Barcelona during 2020/21 coronavirus restrictions.

Vimazerp's "The Umbrian elite" is an old track from 2004 re recorded in Barcelona during April 2021. Lyrics date back to 2015.

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Added on: 2021-05-24 16:49:00 Last modified on: 2022-10-26 10:05:06