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Sinisthra Promo 2008


Release date:
February 13th, 2008
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Eterne 04:46  
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2. Closely Guarded Distance 13:02  
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3. Morningfrail 06:48  
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4. Halfway to Somewhere Else 07:56  
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Promo for the upcoming album. All songs posted online to the offical Sinisthra forum.

Promo-text included with the CD:
"When the name Sinisthra is mentioned, it's probably most often along the lines of "From Finland, right? it's the other/former band of Amorphis vocalist Tomi Joutsen, isn't it? I've heard of them but never heard them. Are they still doing the rounds?"

Yes they are. Sinisthra released their debut album "Last Of The Glories Of Long Past Glories" back in 2005 on Arise Records and after that not much has happened. The album got very favourable reviews and supposedly sold a very moderate amount of copies. Arise Records has seemingly gone out of business since then, Tomi Joutsen went on to tour endlessly and release two albums with Amorphis, and Sinisthra went on a low profile silent song writing mode.

And now it's 2008 and Sinisthra is back with an album's worth of new music and looking for a record label to collaborate with. Some of that material is presented here in a demo form and since the songs are lenghty and diverse this cd is also some 30 minutes long. Sorry about that, can't be helped. These songs mostly take a different path to those 3 minute ones targeted for radio play. These songs pick you up and carry you to places seldom seen if you let them. These songs soothe you and comfort you but also scratch at you and unsettle you. These songs are gravel glazed with honey and strawberries marinated in vitriol. And these songs deserve and demand to be released."

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