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666: The Battle of Discopylae

Shampoon Killer

Release date:
February 2015
Catalog ID:
Hard Bones Production
None yet
1. Massacre in Duplex 04:55  
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2. Bouleverd - The Holy Bible 03:25  
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3. Fashion Apocalypse 02:44  
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4. Masses Have Flair 03:03  
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5. Metrosexuality 02:06  
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6. Burn Dance Halls Down 04:49  
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7. Savage Revenge 03:27  
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8. Vidal Sasoon Wash and Gore 02:18  
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9. Right to Kill Shampoons 02:21  
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10. Sweet Bastard 02:18  
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11. Age of Hate 02:13  
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This album is dedicated to the memory of Gabriel "Gábin" Pavlík (RIP).

Artwork by Jiří Miňovský - ARBE Design.

Recording information:

Recorded in studio Davos in October 2014.
Mixed and Mastered by Jindřich "Otyn" Tománek.
All songs written and arranged by Shampoon Killer.

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