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Shadows of Steel - Twilight
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Shadows of Steel

Release date:
Catalog ID:
US CD-030
Version desc.:
Underground Symphony
1 review (avg. 47%)
Disc 1
1. Hawk and Lion 06:26   Show lyrics
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2. Twilight 03:04   Show lyrics
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3. Goodbye 04:19   Show lyrics
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4. Fly Away 05:31   Show lyrics
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Disc 2
1. Destination Unknown (Savage Grace cover) 04:57   Show lyrics
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2. Prelusion (Exxplorer cover) 02:05   instrumental
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3. Run for Tomorrow (Exxplorer cover) 04:26   Show lyrics
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4. Painted Skies (Crimson Glory cover) 05:08   Show lyrics
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5. The Calling (Agent Steel cover) 00:27   Show lyrics
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6. Agents of Steel (Agent Steel cover) 03:00   Show lyrics
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Band members
Frank Andiver Drums
Wild Steel Vocals
Steve Vawamas Bass
Andrea de Paoli Keyboards
Andrea "Tower" Torricini Bass (Disc 2)
Vic Mazzoni (R.I.P. 2016) Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Frank Andiver Producer, Mixing
Andrea "Tower" Torricini Bass (Disc 2)
Vic Mazzoni (R.I.P. 2016) Guitars
Frank Andiver Producer, Mixing
Read Your standard italian cheese 47% Egregius January 14th, 2004

Sort of a "double EP", disc one being SoS originals and disc two being covers.

Wild Steel: lead vocals
Steve Vawamas: bass on disc 1
Frank Andiver: drums
Andrew Mc Pauls: keyboards
Vic Mazzoni: guitars
Andrea Tower Torricini: bass on disc two

Produced and mixed by Frank Andiver at Zenith Recordings, Italy.

All songs on disc 1 written by Andrea De Stefanis
except 3, by De Stefanis/De Paoli

Songs on disc two written by
1: Logue
2: Breeze/La Volpe/Sakowski
3: Gardiner/Kennedy/La Volpe
4: Drenning/Lords/Midnight
5&6: Cyriis & Agent Steel

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