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Shadowlord > Batavorum
Shadowlord - Batavorum
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Release date:
February 2006
Catalog ID:
Black Label
None yet
1. Legion X 02:52   Show lyrics
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2. Batavorudum 06:15   Show lyrics
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3. Moenen en Mariken 05:38   Show lyrics
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4. Our Goddess Will Rise 03:53   Show lyrics
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5. Amducias 01:07   instrumental
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6. The Anatomy of Melancholy 04:22   Show lyrics
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7. Archangels Fall 05:49   Show lyrics
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Some notes about the first song (Legion X):
This particular unit was clearly Caesar's favourite legion
After rebelling against his authority, the legion was disbanded
as one of the border legions on the Danube as well as a crack
infantry unit in the Syrian field army, the legion was afterwards
sent with seven other formations to crush the Batavian revolt
led by Julius Civilis. During the fierce fighting in the following years
the legio X Gemina lost on one occasion five senior centurions
and many of its soldiers in a single engagement.
After the revolt had been quelled the legion was in AD 71 moved
to the base built by legio II Adiutrix at Batavodurum, the present day Dutch city of Nijmegen) LEGIO X GEMINA (AD 54- DC 500)

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