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The Beauty and the Beast


Release date:
October 26th, 2004
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. The Woods Tale 04:39  
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2. Confession 01:35  
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3. Frustration 03:38  
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4. Remembrance 05:43  
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5. Fascination 03:32  
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6. The Spell and the Bizarre Dance 03:40  
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7. Afterparty 03:57  
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Released only in mp3 format (no CD, no MC, no vinyl) and available for download at the band's official website.

"The Beauty and the Beast" is one song, divided into seven parts.
First of all, it is a tribute song to Type O Negative, who changed Juodas' view on music, inspired him to create not only fast, catchy, brutal, but also emotional music. Lyrics for the song were written in 1994-95 by Juodas and Ugnius Lioge ("Dangus Proctions"), and where a bit inspired by My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Anathema.
It was first recorded in 1996, but the tape was lost, therefore it had to be rerecorded. The lyrics were changed a few times after that, and are very different from the first version.
The record was rerecorded during "The River of Lost" sessions (in 2001), but was rounded out, corrected and mastered later at home.

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