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ShadowWolf > Guardian of the Forest
ShadowWolf - Guardian of the Forest
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Guardian of the Forest


Release date:
December 11th, 2017
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
CD-R, Limited edition
Wolfmond Production
100 copies
None yet
1. Dusk (Intro) 01:25   instrumental
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2. Guardian of the Forest 04:50   Show lyrics
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3. Nocturnal Hunt 03:19   Show lyrics
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4. Wolf's Moon 04:50   Show lyrics
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5. Leshiy's Grove 01:06   instrumental
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6. To the Battle Rides Vityaz 03:16   Show lyrics
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7. The Army of Rus Rises Against Mongol-Tatar Horde 03:14   Show lyrics
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8. The Summoning (Svarog's Spell of Fire) 04:16   Show lyrics
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9. Spectral Wonderer's Journey 03:45   Show lyrics
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10. Dawn (Outro) 01:07   instrumental
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Knjaz Vlad All instruments, Vocals
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Second verse of the lyrics for the track "Guardian of the Forest" uses a translated version of the beginning of a poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" (1820) by a Russian poet A.S. Pushkin.

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