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Sexual Perverts > Send Me Your Pack
Sexual Perverts - Send Me Your Pack
Sexual Perverts discography (all)
< Watching the Moon

Send Me Your Pack

Sexual Perverts

Release date:
May 6th, 2021
Catalog ID:
M.D.P. 011 / B.R. 001
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Metaleros Dementes Producciones
300 copies
None yet
1. Warning (intro) 00:28  
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2. Send Me Your Pack 03:21  
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3. Watching the Moon 05:28  
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4. Heavy Metal Drinkers 04:48  
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5. Gods of Rock´n´Roll 04:12  
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6. Beer of Lust 03:08  
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7. We Want Sex 04:20  
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8. Kill the Violators 03:29  
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9. This Is Rock and Roll 03:03  
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10. Follando y ebrios 04:32  
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Band members
Esteban Ruiz Bass, Vocals
Ivan Marcelo Reyes Guitars
Carlos Mauricio Arce Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Felipe Falen Cover art
Felipe Falen Cover art
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Added on: 2021-04-28 19:09:35 Last modified on: 2021-04-30 19:01:36