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Serpent ov Old > Serpent ov Synth
Serpent ov Old - Serpent ov Synth
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Withering Hope
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Withering Hope

Serpent ov Synth

Serpent ov Old

Release date:
September 27th, 2012
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Disdain ov Existence (Chamber Version) 02:17   instrumental
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2. Banished (Chamber Version) 04:07   instrumental
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3. Drowning in Sorrow (Chamber Version) 06:08   instrumental
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4. This Insidious Gospel (Chamber Version) 05:38   instrumental
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5. That Which No Name Carries (Chamber Version) 06:39   instrumental
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6. Poison Pure Suicide (Chamber Version) 05:19   instrumental
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7. Withering Hope (Chamber Version) 04:00   instrumental
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Säbel Von Blut Synthesizer, Vocals
M.W.S. Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Drums
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This release features the synth tracks from Serpent ov Old's Withering Hope. Serpent ov Synth is considered as a bonus CD to Withering Hope.

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