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Sepulchral > Back from the Dead > 2017, Digital, Great Dane Records (Bandcamp)
Sepulchral - Back from the Dead
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Back from the Dead


Release date:
February 10th, 2017
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Great Dane Records
None yet
1. Putrefying Mass 04:12  
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2. Internal Decomposition 03:17  
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3. Disembowlement of the Dead 02:53  
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4. Vampirus Spectrum 03:01  
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5. Putrefying Mass 04:42  
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6. Disembowlement of the Dead 04:29  
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7. Personal Suffering 05:34  
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8. Rigor Mortis 06:39  
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9. Putrefying Mass 04:26  
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10. Internal Decomposition 04:52  
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Original line-up
Miscellaneous staff
Alkbazz Artwork
Coraline Layout
Raph of Death Layout
Original line-up
Alkbazz Artwork
Coraline Layout
Raph of Death Layout
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Track 5-7 taken from split album 1992.
Track 8-10 taken from demo album 1991.

Recording information:

Tracks 1-4
Recorded live at rehearsal place on 16 tracks, october 2016 (drums, bass, rythm guitar 1).
Vocals and other guitars overdubed at the Torture Chamber.
Mix and mastering by Sepulchral.

Tracks 8-10
Recorded at the G.A.M. Studio in August 1991.

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