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Guilty as We Were Born

Septic Christ

Release date:
March 2012
Catalog ID:
Malevolence Records
None yet
1. Guilty as We Were Born (Intro) 02:03  
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2. Starstruck 03:23  
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3. Screwed and Ill 04:08  
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4. Be a Man 02:41  
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5. The Legacy 02:54  
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6. Welcome to the Championship of Corruption 04:41  
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7. Bomb Monte Carlo 02:08  
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8. Exile the Leaders 04:18  
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9. G.D.L.B. 03:01  
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10. Political Playground 03:59  
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11. Yearning for Salvation 05:13  
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12. Herd Instinct 02:57   Show lyrics
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Band members
Chris Septic Bass
JxNothing Guitars
Bobby Shortleg Vocals
Joey Collapse Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Christoph Brandes Producer
Andrei Bouzikov Artwork
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