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Coffin - The Complete Discography


Boxed set
Release date:
November 13th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Century Media Records
4000 copies
None yet
1. When Death Joins Us (demo)  
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2. Rotting Ways to Misery (demo)  
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3. Shadows of the Past  
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4. Journey to Pohjola (demo)  
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5. North from Here  
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6. The Trooper  
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7. Amok  
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8. Love & Death  
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9. Down  
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10. Frozen  
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11. Crimson  
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12. The Cold White Light  
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13. The Funeral Album  
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14. Buried Alive I  
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15. Buried Alive II  
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16. Dead Leaves  
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17. Buried Alive I (DVD)  
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18. Buried Alive II (DVD)  
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This set includes 16 CDs (144 audio tracks), 2 DVDs (42 videos) and a book. It is limited to 4,000 copies worldwide.

CD 16 entitled "Dead Leaves" is a collection of b-sides and other rarities.
1. The Glow of 1000 Suns
2. Amok Run
3. No Tomorrow
4. Ever-Frost (Edit)
5. Routasydän
6. Killing Me Killing You (Edit)
7. No One There (Desolate Single Version)
8. Creep
9. Digging the Grave
10. I Wanna Be Somebody
11. House of the Rising Sun
12. Nepenthe (live)
13. Brief Is the Light (live)


Barcode: 5 051099 776609

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