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The World's Out-of-Place Artefacts IV


Release date:
November 1st, 2010
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Sarcophagus Mystery 04:22   instrumental
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2. Polygonal Ancient Technology 04:34   instrumental
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3. Йонагуни 04:57   instrumental
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4. Hufu Inventory Stele 03:37   instrumental
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5. Нан-Мадол 04:09   instrumental
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6. Храм десяти ниш 04:34   instrumental
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7. Шахты Саккары 02:48   instrumental
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8. Archaic Sphinx Orion Complex 05:18   instrumental
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9. Campbell's Chamber 04:18   instrumental
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Senmuth Instruments, Samples, Vocals
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Most tracks were edited for this release.

Track title transliterations:
3. Yonaguni
5. Nan-Madol
6. Khram Desyati Nish
7. Shakhty Sakkary

Track title translations:
6. The Temple of Ten Niches
7. Saqqara Shafts

Other notes:
- Tracks 1, 2 & 7 originally appear on "Kemet High Tech. Part I: Artefacts".
- Tracks 3 & 5 originally appear on "Aeonica Monumentarium".
- Track 4 originally appears on "Kemet High Tech. Part II: History Illusions".
- Track 6 originally appears on "Интиуатана".
- Track 8 is a combination of "Archaic Sphinx And Water Erosion" (originally from "Kemet High Tech. Part I: Artefacts") and "Ra-Horakhty Orion Complex" (originally from "Kemet High Tech. Part II: History Illusions").
- Track 9 originally appears on "Chambers".

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