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Senmuth > Rajas
Senmuth - Rajas
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1. Ethnic Whole Dynamics 05:31   instrumental
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2. Sattwa 03:36   instrumental
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3. Bemini Roads 02:28   instrumental
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4. Final Rite of Dogmatic 03:14   instrumental
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5. Hiram Bingem 03:14   instrumental
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6. irMaqua 04:37   instrumental
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7. Threshold of Great Transition 04:32   instrumental
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8. Psychophysics 04:23   instrumental
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9. Saraswaty 05:26   instrumental
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10. Monumentarium 05:57   instrumental
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Read More diversified and... 94% kluseba September 30th, 2011
Read Intense 80% hippiedrow August 29th, 2008

Released online by Ixtlan Industries.

Senmuth's notes on the album:
"Instrumental album, immersed in thoughts about the universe and understanding the impact of stories on what is happening."

Other notes:
- The album got its name from Rajas - the most dismal of the gunas (three laws of nature and order), said to be for revival through passion through the passage of concern.
- The song "Bemini Roads" got its name from the Bimini Road, an underwater rock formation near North Bimini island in the Bahamas.
- The song "Sattwa" got its name from the highest of the three gunas. It is the purest guna.
- The song "Saraswaty" got its name from the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music and arts.

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