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Senmuth > No More Sense
Senmuth - No More Sense
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Oracle Octave Part I: Orion Mystery

No More Sense


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1. Не успел 04:07  
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2. Заложники слов 02:12  
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3. Утратив свой последний свет 04:30  
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4. Мифы и сны 03:51  
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5. Ничто не дорого так... 03:36  
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6. Ответов, которых нет 03:12  
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7. SAW: How Much Blood Would You Shed to Stay Alive? 04:36  
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8. Бриллиантовые дороги 05:48  
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9. Смысл, которого [больше нет] (remix) 04:18  
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10. Смысл, которого [больше нет] (new mix) 04:33  
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11. Смысл, которого [больше нет] (Sense No More mix) 04:03  
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Senmuth Guitars, Samples, Vocals
Read Good, solid Industrial Rock 78% XSpidercideX October 31st, 2009

Released online by Ixtlan Industries.

Track title transliterations:
1. Ne uspel
2. Zalozhniki slov
3. Utrativ svoy posledniy svet
4. Mify i sny
5. Nichto ne dorogo tak...
6. Otvetov, kotorykh net
8. Brilliantovye dorogi
9.-11. Smysl, kotorogo [bol'she net]

Track title translations:
1. Had No Time
2. Hostages of Words
3. Having Lost One's Last Light
4. Myths and Dreams
5. Nothing Is So Dear...
6. Of Answers That Are Not There
8. Diamond Roads
9.-11. No More Sense

Senmuth's notes on the album:
"Industrial alternative album. Contains a Butusov cover and a tribute to the film SAW. The most powerful and soulful track is "Having Lost One's Last Light". Plus, a new version of "Reverse Process [No More Sense]"."

Other notes:
- There exists another version of this album with a different cover art (which is shown on the page for the thing).

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