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Senmuth - Nature
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Ra Dhi
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Ra Dhi



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1. Above Clouds 01:52   instrumental
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2. Lake of Turs 06:50   instrumental
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3. Alania 04:35   instrumental
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4. Alibek Falls 05:49   instrumental
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5. Ertsog 01:39   instrumental
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6. Amanauz 04:45   instrumental
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7. Crystal Water of the Ice Stream 02:18   instrumental
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8. Space Black Ice 05:53   instrumental
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9. Dombai Ulgen 04:16   instrumental
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10. Singing of Birds Under Stars 05:03   instrumental
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11. 3012 05:05   instrumental
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12. Tribal Rivers & Roads of Spirits 04:12   instrumental
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13. Sulahat 03:09   instrumental
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14. Cemetery of Climbers 04:53   instrumental
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Read expressed through... 67% Shadespawn February 3rd, 2010
Read Traverses mountains via... 92% Crick May 18th, 2009

Released online by Ixtlan Industries.

Senmuth's notes on the album:
"Instrumental album, written (in the summer) when Senmuth was impressed by a visit to Dombai (on the official Web site, you can find many photos of the trips), Kabardino-Balkariya, and the Caucasus.

Stylistically it is a dark blend of ethno-doom instrumental music ("po-senmuthovski"), in conjunction with the motives of Kabardino-Balkaria (accordion)."

I would especially like to note the chic cover of the album."

Other notes:
- The songs on this album are named after various things from Dombai, Kabardino-Balkaria and the Caucasus.
- Alania was a medieval kingdom of the Alans that was destroyed in a Mongol invasion.
- The Alibek Falls are located in the Alibek Glacier near Dombai.
- Ertsog is another mountain, also located in the Dombai Caucasus.
- Amanauz is a river that flows to the south of the resort town of Dombai.
- Dombai Ulgen is the highest mountain in the republic of Abkhazia.
- Sulahat is the most legendary alp in Dombai, named for a legend about a girl of the same name.

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