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Kemet High Tech. Part I: Artefacts


Release date:
December 13th, 2008
Catalog ID:
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1. Atmosphere of Cairo 05:00   instrumental
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2. Sarcophagus Mystery 05:34   instrumental
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3. Saqqara Shaft 05:46   instrumental
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4. Archaic Sphinx and Water Erosion 06:58   instrumental
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5. Dashshur's Corridors and Chambers 03:07   instrumental
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6. Meidum Wsr 06:53   instrumental
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7. Mastaba N17 04:18   instrumental
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8. In Red Pyramid 05:44   instrumental
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9. Museum Antiquities: Artefacts 04:25   instrumental
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10. Userkaph's Basalt Flooring 03:47   instrumental
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11. Glance of Amenemhet III Sphinx 06:27   instrumental
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12. Polygonal Ancient Technology 05:07   instrumental
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Senmuth Guitars, Samples, Domra, Oud
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Released online by Ixtlan Industries.

Senmuth's notes on the album(s):
"The concept of Senmuth's "jubileum" (50th!) album could not have become anything other than Egyptian, considering my passion for Egypt, the project's name and its musical direction. Beyond doubt a lot of inspiration is owed to my own journey to this land of mystery, where I witnessed its beauty, enigmas and artefacts directly, which only increased my curiosity and fascination for the ancient civilisation.
The album has acquired new sound due to the incorporation of previously unused instruments, some tracks include sounds from the video material recorded during my travels. It is particularly recommended as background music for reading on the mysteries of Ancient Egypt or mental voyages to the deep and clandestine past...
Being an alchemy of metallic, ethnic and electronic elements, the album is divided in two parts and features 24 tracks soaked in the atmosphere of royal tombs, the grandeur of megalithic architecture and secrets that dwell within its artefacts, speechlessly hinting at the incognized technologies employed by the prime civilisation."

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