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Senmuth > From Saturn to Uranium
Senmuth - From Saturn to Uranium
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From Saturn to Uranium


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1. От утробы к обелиску (remix) 06:21  
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2. Ожидание (remix) 05:33  
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3. Satiam (remix) 03:46   instrumental
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4. Куда уходят тени (remix) 07:37  
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5. Жизнь (Music) 06:20  
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6. Блеск изумрудных рек (remix) 04:51  
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7. Случайностью станет твой взгляд (remix) (feat. Skandy21) 05:22  
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8. Художник тольтекский (remix) 07:16  
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Senmuth Instruments, Samples, Vocals
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Senmuth - All instruments, samples, vocals and programming

Released online by Ixtlan Industries.

Track title transliterations:
1. Ot Utroby K Obelisku
2. Ozhidanie
4. Kuda Ukhodyat Teni
5. Zhizn'
6. Blesk Izumrudnykh Rek
7. Sluchaynostyu Stanet Tvoy Vzglyad
8. Khudozhnik Toltekskiy

Track title translations:
1. From The Womb To The Obelisk
2. Waiting
4. Where The Shadows Leave For
5. Life
6. Shine of the Emerald Rivers
7. Your Gaze Will Become Fortuity
8. Toltec Artist

Senmuth's notes on the album:
"Album of remixes for the best songs in recent times. This material is more fordancing (but certainly not without heaviness and his charisma)."

Other notes:
- Track 4 originally written for neNasty.
- Track 8 originally written for Tenochtitlan.
- There exists another version of this album with a different cover art.

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