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Senmuth - Contextual
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Er Hu Peret Em Heru
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Er Hu Peret Em Heru



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1. Fields [of Contextual] 04:51   instrumental
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2. Ancient Mysteries 05:21   instrumental
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3. Sattvam Antaram 07:19   instrumental
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4. Nerpa 03:48   instrumental
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5. The Channeling Knowledge 03:51   instrumental
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6. New Age Is Now Age 04:26   instrumental
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7. Dying Birds & Crying Ecology 06:06   instrumental
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8. Sahasra 05:55   instrumental
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9. Convergo 06:20   instrumental
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10. Cold November Days 02:33   instrumental
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11. Kundalini Ascent 03:58   instrumental
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12. Дихотомия 06:23   instrumental
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Released online by Ixtlan Industries.

Track title transliterations:
12. Dikhotomiya

Track title translations:
9. Converges
12. Dichotomy

Senmuth's notes on the album:
"The newest instrumental album of Moscow's multi-instrumentalist Senmuth. A nice melodic album, sounding pleasant in the background, and at close listening. The diversity of sounds and instruments, the richness of melodies and electronic samples together create a great album from start to finish, making a pleasant experience."

Other notes:
- The song "Nerpa" got its name from a village in Nepal of the same name.
- The song "Sahasra" got its name from the Sanskrit word for 1000.
- The song "Kundalini Ascent" got its name from a form of corporeal energy in Yoga (Kundalini).

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