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Cognitive Discord


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2 reviews (avg. 86%)
1. Искажённые познания 02:02  
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2. Обрывая последние нити 06:34  
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3. Обратный процесс [Смысл, которого (больше нет)] 04:28  
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4. Регресс 04:57  
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5. Необратимость [06.02.04] 04:51  
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6. Время и безбрежный океан 04:05  
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7. Мы теряем... [Просто так народ уже не погибает] 05:10  
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8. Разорванная цепь исканий 04:38  
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9. ...от пустоты 03:24  
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10. Избранный нами путь 04:12  
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Band members
Senmuth Guitars, Samples, Vocals
Annie Red Hat Vocals (female) (Track 2)
Senmuth Guitars, Samples, Vocals
Annie Red Hat Vocals (female) (Track 2)
Read A hectically done,... 84% kluseba August 20th, 2011
Read Mechanical beauties. 88% hells_unicorn November 28th, 2008

Metal/industrial album.

Released online by Ixtlan Industries.

Track title transliterations:
1. Iskazhyonnye poznaniya
2. Obryvaya poslednie niti
3. Obratniy process [Smysl, kotorogo (bol'she net)]
4. Regress
5. Neobratimost'
6. Vremya i bezbrezhniy okean
7. My teryaem... [Prosto tak narod uzhe ne pogibaet]
8. Razorvannaya tsep' iskaniy
9. ...ot pustoty
10. Izbranniy nami put'

Track title translations:
1. The Distorted Knowledge
2. Cutting the Last Threads
3. Reverse Process (No More Sense)
5. Irreversibility [06.02.04]
6. Time and the Boundless Ocean
7. We Lose... (People Don't Get Killed for No Particular Reason Anymore)
8. The Broken Chain of Quests
9. ...from Emptiness
10. The Way We Have Chosen

Senmuth's notes on the album:
"Industrial album on different experiences. A strong track is "Cutting the Last Threads" with vocalist Annie Red Hat, one of the strongest things is "Reverse Process". The song "Irreversibility [06.02.04]" deals with the February events of 2004, which claimed the lives of people as well as a familiar of my friend poet Set's girlfriend..."

Other notes:
- Track 7, "Мы теряем..", is a revisited song of the old Anima.

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