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Release date:
October 6th, 2010
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. 17870 лет до Менеса 05:11   instrumental
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2. Пантеоны сошедших со звёзд 03:57   instrumental
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3. Nεχυες 02:39   instrumental
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4. Tool of the Gods, Gods as a Tool 03:57   instrumental
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5. Сакральные знания небес 04:33   instrumental
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6. Megalitharium 05:07   instrumental
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7. Легенды древних календарей 04:28   instrumental
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8. Библиотеки мёртвых книг 08:29   instrumental
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9. Existió otra humanidad 09:57   instrumental
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10. Легенды древних календарей (full version) 07:17   instrumental
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Senmuth Guitars, Samples
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Track title transliterations:
1. 17870 let do Menesa
2. Panteony soshedshikh so zvyozd
5. Sakral'nye znaniya nebes
7. Legendy drevnikh kalendarey
8. Biblioteky myortvykh knig
10. Legendy drevnikh kalendarey (full version)

Track title translations:
1. 17870 Years Before Menes
2. The Pantheons of Those Who Came Down from the Stars
5. Sacral Knowledge of Heavens
7. Legends of Ancient Calendars
8. Libraries of Dead Books
10. Legends of Ancient Calendars (full version)

Other notes:
- Track 10 is a hidden bonus track.

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