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1. Жизнь 06:22  
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2. Вербное [PreScriptum] 04:17  
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3. Может быть 05:11  
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4. Период моего полураспада 04:29  
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5. Il mia incanto 06:40  
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6. Раны прошлого 03:46  
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7. Символика мгновений 04:52  
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8. Ожидание 05:26  
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9. Напасть 04:27  
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10. A-310 F-OGYP 04:12  
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11. Покидая навеки клетку 04:15  
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12. Current Unconscious 05:07  
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13. Освобождение 03:30  
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Band members
Senmuth Guitars, Samples, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Anacephal Lyrics
Senmuth Guitars, Samples, Vocals
Anacephal Lyrics
Read Unpredictable extremes 83% kluseba August 14th, 2011

Lyrics on tracks 2, 4, 9 & 11 by Anacephal.

Released online by Ixtlan Industries.

Track title transliterations:
1. Zhizn'
2. Verbnoe
3. Mozhet byt'
4. Period moego poluraspada
6. Rany proshlogo
7. Simvolika mgnoveniy
8. Ozhidanie
9. Napast'
11. Pokidaya naveki kletku
13. Osvobozhdenie

Track title translations:
1. Life
2. Palm [Pre-Scriptum]
3. Maybe
4. My Half-life
5. On My Incantation
6. Wounds of the Past
7. Symbolism of Moments
8. Waiting
9. To Attack
11. Leaving the Cage Forever
13. Release

Senmuth's notes on the album:
"Continuation of the order that began in the album Legacy: alternative-industrial touches on philosophical subjects, some of the lyrics belong to Anacephal."

Other notes:
- The album title's transliteration: "So(znanie)bytiya".
- The album title is an untranslatable wordplay in Russian.
- The song "A-310 F-OGYP" got its name from the Airbus of the same name which was involved in a crash at Irkutsk Airport.
- The title of track 5 is in Italian.
- There exists another version of the album with a different cover art; this version omits track 13 and instead adds three bonus tracks which are all remixes of previously released songs: "От утробы к обелиску" ("From the Womb to the Obelisk"), "Ожидание" ("Waiting") and "Куда уходят тени" ("Where the Shadows Leave For").

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