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Senmuth > Вдоль пути к поднебесной
Senmuth - Вдоль пути к поднебесной
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Вдоль пути к поднебесной


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1. Tai-i 01:36   instrumental
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2. Прекрасная дева из вещего сна и её песня сквозь вечность 06:31  
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3. Явь или сон 05:12  
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4. Образы ливней среди пустоты реальностей 03:07  
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5. Fragment [Chinese Theatre] (feat. Den Pa) 04:43  
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6. Ho-shang Kung [Старик с берега реки] 04:51  
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7. Сражение. Вечность. Справедливость 04:25  
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8. Лес и познание солнца 05:40  
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9. Tai-chu 02:57   instrumental
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Read As I trip and stumble... 90% Misainzig February 4th, 2010

Ethnic/ndustrial album.

Released online by Ixtlan Industries.

Track title transliterations:
2. Prekrasnaya deva iz veschego sna i yeyo pesnya skvoz' vechnost'
3. Yav' ili son
4. Obrazy livney sredi pustoty real'nostey
6. Starik s berega reki
7. Srazhenie. Vechnost'. Spravedlivost'
8. Les i poznanie solntsa

Track title translations:
2. The Beautiful Maiden from the Prophetic Dream and Her Song Through Eternity
3. Reality or Dream
4. The Images of Downpours Amidst the Void of Realities
5. Fragment [Chinese Theatre]
6. Ho-shang Kung [The Old Man from the Bank of a River]
7. Battle. Eternity. Justice.
8. The Forest and the Cognition of the Sun

Senmuth's notes on the album:
"The album abounds with Chinese melodies, designed in the industrial vein with the positive subjects of songs. The most powerful track is "The Beautiful Maiden from the Prophetic Dream and Her Song Through Eternity". On the track "Fragment [Chinese Theatre]" is the voice of my classmate, now a presidential interpreter."

Other notes:
- The album title's transliteration: "Vdol' puti k podnebesnoy".
- There is an alternate cover for this album with Senmuth's old logo and different cover art.
- Track 2 originally originally appeared on "Mythogenetics" compilation album (released under the monicker of Anima) under a slightly different title - "Прекрасная богиня из вещего сна...", meaning "The Beautiful Goddess from the Prophetic Dream...".

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