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Senmuth > Аменемхет III
Senmuth - Аменемхет III
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Аменемхет III


Release date:
October 27th, 2009
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Nimaatra 03:21   instrumental
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2. Лабиринт Аменемхета III (single version) 06:05   Show lyrics
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3. Беседа разочарованного со своей душой, вторая жалоба 05:36   Show lyrics
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4. Гимны Себеку в праздник воды (single version) 06:00   Show lyrics
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5. Песня арфиста в доме Атефа 07:34   Show lyrics
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6. Книга двух путей 05:21   instrumental
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Band members
Senmuth Guitars, Samples, Vocals, Lyrics
Eresh Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Anacephal Lyrics
Senmuth Guitars, Samples, Vocals, Lyrics
Eresh Vocals
Anacephal Lyrics
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Track 1 is a remix of "Glance of Amenemhet III Sphinx" from "Kemet High Tech. Part I: Artefacts".
Track 3 is exclusive to the single.
Track 5 is a remix of "Pesnya Arfista V Dome Atefa" from "Akhet Mery Ra".
Track 6 is a remix of "Kitab al-Mayyit" from "Er Hu Peret Em Heru".

Lyrics on track 2 by Senmuth & Anacephal
Lyrics on tracks 3 and 5 by Anacephal
Guest vocals on track 5 by Eresh.

Track title transliterations:
2. Labirint Amenemheta III
3. Beseda Razocharovannogo So Svoey Dushoy, Vtoraya Zhaloba
4. Gimny Sebeku V Prazdnik Vody
5. Pesnya Arfista V Dome Atefa
6. Kniga Dvukh Putey

Track title translations:
2. The Labyrinth of Amenemhet III
3. The Dialogue of a Disillusioned Man With His Ba, the Second Complaint
4. Hymns Unto Sebek On the Holiday of Water
5. A Harpist's Song In the House of Atheph
6. The Book of Two Ways

Other notes:
- The album title's transliteration: "Amenemhet III".

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