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Consumatum Est

Seigneur Voland

Release date:
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Side A
1. Aigle conquérant (Titus Victorieux) 03:29   Show lyrics
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2. autres germes de pourriture 03:09   Show lyrics
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3. Dernier bastion blanc 03:21   Show lyrics
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4. Sur les ruines et les cendres de Sion 02:50   Show lyrics
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5. Agonie (Outro) 05:42  
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6. Consumatum Est 04:13  
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7. Quand les swastikas étoilaient le ciel 03:01  
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8. Seigneur Voland 04:09  
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9. Hommerie : Animal-masse 03:21  
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10. Jeunesse épuration 03:30   Show lyrics
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Side B
11. Le cancer moral du désert 03:31  
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12. Dance of Eternal Shadows (Darkthrone cover) 03:28   Show lyrics
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13. Sur les ruines et les cendres de Sion 03:11   Show lyrics
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Tape release coalescing most of the band's discography.

Tracks 1-5: from the debut MCD, 2001
Tracks 6-8: from the split CD with Kristallnacht & Blessed in Sin, 2001
Tracks 9-10: from the split EP with Chemin de Haine, 2002
Track 11: unreleased rehearsal track, 1999
Track 12: unreleased Darkthrone cover, 2001
Track 13: unreleased version, 2002

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