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Second to Sun > Gal agnostiske drømmer
Second to Sun - Gal agnostiske drømmer
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Gal agnostiske drømmer

Second to Sun

Release date:
August 1st, 2011
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
None yet
1. Introduksjon av fremmede sæd i Demonhertuginnen 04:32  
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2. Sote utenomjordiske roll 02:37  
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3. Legenden om den onde Jesu Kristus 04:04  
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4. 11.03.11 00:34   instrumental
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5. Japans tarer 03:52  
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6. Fenrisulfr 10:20  
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7. Genetisk demonisering av romvesener 04:40  
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8. Kosebamse 03:58  
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9. Klonete svinekjott 03:32  
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10. Jomfru Maria fødte Dr. Høuse etter dødsfallet av serien 02:00  
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Band members
Vladimir Lehtinen Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Oleg Zelenkevich Cover art
Oleg Zelenkevich Cover art
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According to Bandcamp, "This record is the reissue of the first album of Epoch Crysis band. The band which almost entirely consisted of the future Second to Sun members. Its reissue became possible only because of the band's fan-base".

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