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Screaming Savior > Eclipse of the Dark Lunar
Screaming Savior - Eclipse of the Dark Lunar
Screaming Savior discography (main)
宙海 / Infinity
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永战之海 / Ocean of Asura

Eclipse of the Dark Lunar

Screaming Savior

Release date:
October 2009
Catalog ID:
MORT 042
Mort Productions
None yet
1. 折翼轮回 (Reversed Circle) 05:14   Show lyrics
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2. 天湖葬日 (Eclipsed into Skylake) 05:06   Show lyrics
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3. 雪域 (Desire of the Snow) 06:04   Show lyrics
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4. 异元祭 (Century Ceremony) 04:17   Show lyrics
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5. 心魔乱 (Lunatica) 05:51   Show lyrics
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6. 青春狂舞曲 (Rhapsodance: Ghost Exodus) 06:17   Show lyrics
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7. 小曲 (Ditty) 03:17   instrumental
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8. 暗月帝国 (Imperium Opacum Lunare) 05:51   Show lyrics
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9. 魂灭 (Requiem 0) 03:56   Show lyrics
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All songs were sung in Chinese. Official English translation of the lyrics was printed in the CD inlay.

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