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Savatage > The Best and the Rest
Savatage - The Best and the Rest
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The Wake of Magellan

The Best and the Rest


Release date:
January 10th, 1997
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
None yet
1. Gutter Ballet 06:20   Show lyrics
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2. Degrees of Sanity 04:36   Show lyrics
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3. Jesus Saves 05:13   Show lyrics
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4. Edge of Thorns 05:55   Show lyrics
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5. Agony and Ecstasy 03:33   Show lyrics
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6. Chance 07:48   Show lyrics
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7. Complaint in the System (Veronica Guerin) 02:37   Show lyrics
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8. The Hourglass 08:05   Show lyrics
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9. Voyage 02:26   instrumental
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10. Prelude to Madness / Hall of the Mountain King 08:45   Show lyrics
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11. This Is the Time 05:39   Show lyrics
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12. Believe 05:42   Show lyrics
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13. Desiree 03:54   Show lyrics
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14. All That I Bleed 04:35   Show lyrics
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This is a Japanese Greatest Hits compilation. Here is some info on some of the tracks:
``Voyage`` is a solo instrumental composition written and performed acoustically by guitarist Al Pitrelli. It was recorded during studio sessions for The Wake of Magellan (1997/1998).

``Desiree`` is an acoustic track with a piano and Zak on vocals. Originally written for the Streets album, it was cut when the record was trimmed to a single disc format. This version was re-recorded in the summer of 1997, it is also featured on the German Streets re-issue.

``All That I Bleed`` is a previously unreleased acoustic track that is performed by Jon Oliva singing and playing piano. This version was recorded in the summer of 1997, it is also featured as the bonus track on the German Gutter Ballet re-issue. The original was release on Edge of Thorns in 1993 with Zak Stevens on vocals.


Barcode: 4988002360741

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