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Release date:
November 18th, 1998
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Zero Corporation
1 review (avg. 70%)
1. Believe 05:41   Show lyrics
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2. Visions 01:25   instrumental
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3. Taunting Cobras 03:21   Show lyrics
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4. Handful of Rain 05:00   Show lyrics
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5. Chance 07:48   Show lyrics
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6. Sarajevo 02:26   Show lyrics
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7. This Is the Time (1990) 05:39   Show lyrics
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8. This Isn't What We Meant 04:12   Show lyrics
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9. Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12-24) 03:12   instrumental
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10. Edge of Thorns (live) 06:37   Show lyrics
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11. Gutter Ballet (live) 07:04   Show lyrics
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12. The Dungeons Are Calling (live) 04:48   Show lyrics
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13. Sirens (live) 03:37   Show lyrics
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14. Criss Oliva Guitar Solo (live) 01:13   instrumental
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15. Hall of the Mountain King (live) 06:38   Show lyrics
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16. Alone You Breathe 07:29   Show lyrics
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Read Good for Savatage newbies 70% Symphony_Of_Terror April 10th, 2004

Believe is a Japanese compilation spotlighting the four Savatage albums that have been released in that Japan on the Zero label. The album is intended to keep Savatage material on display in Japanese music stores. Believe is a selection of tracks that the band feels showcase key turning points for the band during the 1990's. The extensive liner notes include a well written track by track description and band history by Clay Marshall.

No previously unreleased tracks were released on this album.
Track 1 is from Streets
Tracks 2-5, 16 from Handful Of Rain
Tracks 6-9 from Dead Winter Dead
Tracks 10-11 from Japan Live '94
Tracks 12-15 from Final Bell / Ghost In The Ruins


Barcode: 4959407100119

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