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Sathanas > Trapped in the Pentagram
Sathanas - Trapped in the Pentagram
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Trapped in the Pentagram


Release date:
August 15th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Hard Rocker
None yet
1. Blood Sacrifice 02:59   Show lyrics
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2. Sathanas 02:51   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
3. March Through Fire 04:31   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
4. Curse Your Saviour 03:49   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
5. Storming the Angelic 02:46   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
6. Blood of Christ 02:37   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
7. Triumph of Darkness 03:11   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
8. Entering the Diabolic Trinity 03:56   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
9. As the Angels Fall 03:35  
  (loading lyrics...)
10. Winds of Apocalypse 03:19  
  (loading lyrics...)
11. Trapped in the Pentagram 02:25  
  (loading lyrics...)
12. Flesh for the Devil 03:33   Show lyrics
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13. Possessed by Blasphemy 03:39   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
14. Beneath the Blood Red Moon 03:55   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
15. The Beast of Revelation 04:38   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
16. Sacrificial Kingdom 04:15   Show lyrics
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17. Ever Falling Darkness 03:25  
  (loading lyrics...)
18. Black Witching Millenium 03:34  
  (loading lyrics...)
19. Revel in Death 04:08  
  (loading lyrics...)
Miscellaneous staff
Bart Gabriel Executive producer
Bart Gabriel Executive producer
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Tracks 1-2 taken from "Black Earth"
Tracks 3-4 taken from "Thy Dark Heavens"
Tracks 5-6 taken from "Cruentus Diabolos"
Tracks 7-8 taken from "Entering The Diabolic Trinity"
Tracks 9-11 taken from "Hex Nefarious"
Tracks 12-13 taken from "Flesh For The Devil"
Tracks 14-16 taken from "Crowned Infernal"
Tracks 17-19 taken from "Nightrealm Apocalypse"

This album was added to the 13th issue of Hard Rocker magazine from Poland.

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