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Neuro Empire
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1. In the Flame of Sabbath (Tommy Sadist mix 2001)  
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2. Восстанут во славе заката (mix 1999)   Show lyrics
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3. Do Not Baptize My Land (Tommy Sadist mix 2001)   Show lyrics
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4. Невеста тьмы (mix 1999)   Show lyrics
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5. Рождённые в мёртвых городах (mix 1999)   Show lyrics
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6. Замок изо льда (mix 1999)   Show lyrics
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7. Утра тёмная заря (mix 1999)   Show lyrics
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8. Do Not Baptize My Land (remastering 2001)   Show lyrics
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9. Satarial (remastering 2001)  
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Compilation of unreleased tracks to "Heidenlarm"

Recorded in Dorofeev's Studio (Moscow)
Mixed in Nadir Studio (Italy) by Tommy of Sadist
Music and lyrics by Lord Seth
Design by Oleg Bocharoff
Photos by Valery Drygin

Was re-released in 2005 by Soundage Productions with a different cover (right) and different tracklist:

01. Восстанут Во Славе Заката
02. Утра Темная Заря
03. Intro / Невеста Тьмы
04. Рожденные В Мертвых Городах
05. Замок Изо Льда
06. Не Крестите Мою Землю
bonus tracks:
08. I Damned Your Holy One! ("Damned Holy Face mix" Necromancer's remix 2004)
09. Son of Astral Fire (video clip 1997)
10. The Queen of the Elves' Land (video clip 1999)
11. Lover of the Night (video clip 2001)
12. Волк (demo video clip 2004)


Barcode: 4602666200112

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