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Satanic Warmaster > Bloody Ritual
Satanic Warmaster - Bloody Ritual
Satanic Warmaster discography (demos)
Nova Ordo Ater (Rehearsal 2009)
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Strength & Honour

Bloody Ritual

Satanic Warmaster

Release date:
March 2000
Catalog ID:
PAN 003
Black Order Productions
1 review (avg. 18%)
1. ...from the Coffin 01:06   instrumental
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2. Bloody Ritual 01:39  
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3. Ancient Womb of Evil 00:41  
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4. Carpathian Demons 01:35  
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5. Cryptic Terror 01:20  
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6. The Wrath of Sathanas 01:36  
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7. Nacht der Vampir 01:08  
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8. Book of Human Skin 00:54  
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9. Vlad's Castle 01:07   instrumental
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Satanic Warmaster. Werewolf of the Black Order All instruments, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics
Read Pathetic 18% Caligo_Frontman March 7th, 2013

Also re-released by Dragonthrone Productions and limited to 88 copies.

A "discredited" version exists too: a tape limited to 100 copies was made by brazilian PlagueLord Records intended to be the official South American version but since the label never sent any copies to Nazgul, he never considered it completely official.

These songs were also re-reissued on the split with Gestapo 666.

Recording information:

Recorded in 1999.

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