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Satanic Warmaster > Black Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber
Satanic Warmaster - Black Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber
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Black Metal Kommando

Black Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber

Satanic Warmaster

Release date:
November 30th, 2005
Catalog ID:
Werewolf Records
None yet
1. Intro (2005 Remix) 05:35   instrumental
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2. Distant Blazing Eye 05:44   Show lyrics
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3. The Burning Eyes of the Werewolf 04:10   Show lyrics
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4. Black Metal Kommando 03:00   Show lyrics
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5. Wolves of Blood and Iron 06:24   Show lyrics
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6. Raging Winter 04:28   Show lyrics
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7. Macht & Ehre 03:43   Show lyrics
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8. The Blood of Our Fathers 02:38   Show lyrics
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9. D.S.O. 2000 03:51  
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10. Fish (Beherit cover) 03:29   instrumental
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11. Paradise (Part II) (Beherit cover) 04:26   Show lyrics
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12. The Seventh Oath of Demonomancy 04:14  
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Band members
Werwolf All instruments, Vocals
Nigrantium Drums
Werwolf All instruments, Vocals
Nigrantium Drums
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Compilation of unreleased material from 2000-2001.

Tracks 1-6: Unreleased "Black Metal Kommando" full-length. Some parts were rearranged for use on the band's debut album "Strength & Honour".
Werwolf - Vocals, guitars, bass, synthesizer
Nigrantium - Drums (session)

Tracks 7-9: Unreleased "Gas Chamber" demo tape.
Werwolf - All instruments and vocals

Tracks 10-12: "Project Tireheb", a collaboration between Satanic Warmaster and noise artist Moozzhead, intended as a tribute to Beherit.
Werwolf - Vocals, beats, effects
O.M. - Bass, effects

Picture LP version released in 2006 by No Colours Records, limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies.


Matrix / Runout: EVIL 007

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