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Total Enslavement, No Resistance


Release date:
February 12th, 2013
Catalog ID:
Kausu Productions
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1. The Coven of the Nekrolords 05:03  
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2. The Whisper of the Nekromancer, Forever Advancing Winds of Total Domination 05:24  
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3. Winterfrost Terror Desolation 05:44  
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4. Catacombs of Old, Tombs of the Forgotten 05:57  
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5. The Absolute Emptiness, Nocturnal Winter Is upon Us 05:44  
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6. Circle of the Northern Suffering 10:01  
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Band members
Thunder - Spiritual Perversor & Dimensional Dominator of the Ancient Tundra Drums, Arrangement
Titan - Uhelige Krieger af Tiblisz Guitars, Lyrics (track 3)
Atomikor - Nekro High Priest af Gökurr Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Lyrics (except track 3)
Miscellaneous staff
Sillman Mixing
Sillman Mixing
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Released through various digital web stores (Amazon, iTunes etc.)

Recording information:

Drums recorded at Tinad Studios, Stockholm, Sweden, August 10, 2009.
Strings recorded at Trailer Trash Studios, Stockholm, Sweden, August - December 2009.
Vocals recorded at the Macaroni Factory, Kvarnholmen, Stockholm, Sweden, January - March 2010.
Mixed in 2012.

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