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Saint > Crime Scene Earth 2.0
Saint - Crime Scene Earth 2.0

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The Revelation

Crime Scene Earth 2.0


Release date:
January 16th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Retroactive Records
None yet
1. The Conquest 01:15   instrumental
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2. Half a Times Measure 06:05   Show lyrics
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3. Terror in the Sky 05:30   Show lyrics
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4. Everlasting God 04:23   Show lyrics
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5. Crime Scene Earth 04:25   Show lyrics
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6. The Judas in Me 03:35   Show lyrics
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7. Too Many 05:03   Show lyrics
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8. Invader (Judas Priest cover) 04:15   Show lyrics
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9. Bended Knee 03:29   Show lyrics
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10. Lost 04:05   Show lyrics
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Band members
Josh Kramer Vocals
Dee Harrington Guitars
Jerry Johnson Guitars
Richard Lynch Bass
Larry London Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Scott Waters Cover art
Scott Waters Cover art
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Re-recorded vocals and with new artwork.

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