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Sagittarius > Die große Marina
Sagittarius - Die große Marina
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Die große Marina


Release date:
May 2003
Catalog ID:
RV 001
Version desc.:
White vinyl, Limited edition
Renovatio Verlag
300 copies
1 review (avg. 86%)
Side A
1. Erio 02:37   Show lyrics
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2. Die große Marina 05:19   instrumental
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3. Des Frühjahrs narrrende Zecher 03:13   instrumental
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4. Campagna 02:42   instrumental
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Side B
5. Wenn der Spleen regierte 07:19   instrumental
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6. Totentanz auf Köppelsbleek 02:44   Show lyrics
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7. Sunmyra 03:57   instrumental
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8. Lieber einsam mit den Freien fallen 03:58   instrumental
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9. Erio (Reprise) 01:45   instrumental
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Cornelius Waldner Piano, Vocals, Recorder
Philipp Jonas Guitars (acoustic)
Read Poetic Piano 86% Five_Nails July 21st, 2017

Sagittarius's debut album is a conceptual composition based on Ernst Jünger's novel "On the Marblecliffs".

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at the Thelema Abbey Studio.

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