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Sadomortuary > Consecrated in Rot & Blasphemy
Sadomortuary - Consecrated in Rot & Blasphemy

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Consecrated in Rot & Blasphemy


Release date:
August 10th, 2021
Catalog ID:
Tenebrous Aberrations Prods
500 copies
None yet
1. Mass Profanation 03:32  
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2. Painful Necrovoid 05:12  
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3. Chalice of Offal 03:05  
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4. Blood Descends 04:08  
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5. Incensing the Putridarium 03:24  
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6. Wormridden Crucifix 02:40  
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7. Sacrilegious Tomulation 03:31  
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8. Mass Profanation (rehearsal) 03:27  
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9. Antropophagus Orgy of Evil 03:24  
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10. Lamb (VON cover) 01:40  
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V. P. Mutilator Drums, Vocals
I. K. Terrorist Guitars, Bass
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Demo compilation
Tracks 1-3 From Demo I recorder on december 6th 2018 Mantova, Italy
Tracks 4-7 From Festering Evil Worship recorder on october 19th 2019 Into the Unholy Macabre Bunker, Milan Italy
Tracks 8-10 Rehearsal Abominations recorder on january 13th 2020 in tribute of Nuclear Abominations Records

Cover art by Marga Menchaca

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Added on: 2021-11-28 16:58:26 Last modified on: 2022-01-30 19:46:44