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Saevitia Draconis


Release date:
November 3rd, 2005
Catalog ID:
MMP DVD 0041
Metal Mind Productions
None yet
1. S.E.T.I. / South Galaxy  
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2. Sigma Draconis  
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3. Born to Be the Best   Show lyrics
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4. Re-Venger  
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5. Painful Fame  
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6. Spacewar  
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7. Solitary, the Starship  
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8. Northern Blood  
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9. Overwhelming Monuments  
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10. Not Me  
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11. Stanzerl  
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Kate Vocals (female)
Remo Vocals, Bass
Anna Mentel Keyboards
MacKozer Guitars
Mario Guitars
Konrad Drums
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Live in Krakow (2005).

Bonus video from Dark Stars 2003 :
1. Born to be the Best
2. Re-venger
3. Lullaby
4. Count Coloredo
5. Not Me
6. Overwhelming Monuments

DVD extras include: bonus video material from Dark Stars Festival 2003, video clip to "Born to Be the Best", over 70-minute documentary about the band, biography, individual members' profiles, discography, photo gallery, and more.

Recording information:

Recorded at Studio TVP Krzemionki, Kraków at 13 January 2005.

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