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Sacred Outcry > Damned for All Time - 2003
Sacred Outcry - Damned for All Time - 2003

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Damned for All Time...

Damned for All Time - 2003

Sacred Outcry

Release date:
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1. Intro   instrumental
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2. Legion of the Fallen  
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3. Sacred Outcry  
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4. Where Ancient Gods Are Still Hailed  
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5. Scared to Cry  
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6. Lonely Man  
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7. Crystal Tears  
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8. Damned for All Time  
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9. Farewell  
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10. Outro   instrumental
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George Apalodimas Bass
Dimitris Perros Guitars
Stelios Darakis Drums
Vagelis Spanakis Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
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Damned for All Time was originally recorded between 2001 - 2003.
The band went into a hiatus shortly after and the album was never officially released via a Label.
The Demo was available only via the band, without any additional promotion or distribution.

The whole album was re-recorded between 2015-2019 and released via No Remorse Records on September 25th 2020.

Amazing Cover Artwork by Nick "Tsouk" Tsouknidas, 2001 - 2002.

Recording information:

Recorded at Reflection Studio 2001-2003
All Songs by Sacred Outcry (2001 All Rights Reserved)

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