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Sacred Heart > Holy War
Sacred Heart - Holy War
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Holy War

Sacred Heart

Release date:
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Auburn Records
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Side A - Side S
1. Holy War 04:47  
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Side B - Side H
2. Carousel of Tears 06:37  
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Promotional demo with professionally pressed tapes, printed tape labels, and Sacred Heart business card acting as the spine/J-card. Only a handful of these tapes were pressed and all were used for promotion, being sent to local radio stations, making this demo an extreme rarity. A third song was recorded during these sessions, the earliest recorded version of "Take Hold", with Dave Kirtner's vocals, although this was omitted for unknown reasons (possibly to use as a compilation track since the Kirtner era was when they first signed to Auburn Records, and the "Heavy Artillery" compilation was already in the works for over a year). However, Sacred Heart went on to change singers and appear on the finished "Heavy Artillery" with the Keith Van Tassel-sung "Time After Time", leaving this recording unreleased and making it Sacred Hearts rarest studio recording.

Recording information:

Recorded at Take 1 Studios in Cleveland, Ohio.

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