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Sacrament ov Impurity > Live Sacrifice
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Blood Mass in Ballard
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Umbilical Parricide / Sacrament ov Impurity Split

Live Sacrifice

Sacrament ov Impurity

Live album
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1. Blackened Skies Under a Dying Sun  
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2. World Beheld by Damnation  
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3. Flesh for the Beast  
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4. Burn Your Church, Burn Your Bible, Kill Yourself  
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5. Seeking Ecstasy Within the Torment ov Forsaken Souls  
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6. Raptured be the Soils ov Jesuit Manifests  
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7. Moonlit Shadows Cast Over the Nocturnal Empire  
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8. Beckoned to the Dusk Embraced Forest by the Mighty Ravens Call  
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9. Behold... The Imperial Ice Coffin ov the Slumbering Ancient  
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10. As Darkness Fell, The Heavens Wept Tears ov Unfathomable Sorrows  
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Samhain Drums
The Butcher Guitars, Vocals
XephilaX Vocals, Bass
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Recording information:

Tracks 1-6 recorded live at Studio Seven, Seattle, Washington.
Tracks 7-10 recorded live at El Corazon, Seattle, Washington.

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