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Titkos szertartás

Sacra Arcana

Release date:
November 1st, 2005
Catalog ID:
Nail Records
2 reviews (avg. 88%)
1. Isten kardja 04:34   Show lyrics
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2. Fekete sereg 04:42   Show lyrics
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3. Visszavárnak az álmokba 04:42   Show lyrics
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4. A magyarok Szent-Gallenben 04:56   Show lyrics
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5. Miller's Tale 05:07   Show lyrics
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6. A szegényember és a halál 04:36   Show lyrics
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7. Ugass a farkasokkal! 05:35   Show lyrics
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8. Round the Fields of Athenry 04:47   Show lyrics
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Read the pure essence of folk metal 85% severzhavnost April 20th, 2013
Read "For Mathias! For the... 90% davkov85 August 2nd, 2007

Song titles in English:
1. Sword of God
2. Black Army
3. Waiting for Your Return to the Dreams
4. Hungarians in St. Gallen
6. The Poor Man and the Death
7. Bark with the Wolves!

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