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Sabbat > Asakusa Incident Part Two
Sabbat - Asakusa Incident Part Two

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Asakusa Incident Part Two


Live album
Release date:
November 26th, 2018
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
H.M.S.S. Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
101 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Curdle the Blood  
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2. Crest of Satan  
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3. Black Metal Scythe  
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Side B
4. Witch Hammer  
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5. Kanashibari  
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6. Hellfire  
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Gezol Bass, Vocals (lead)
Zorugelion Drums, Vocals
Elizaveat Guitars
Elizabigore Guitars
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Hand-numbered copies.

Recording information:

Recorded live at Asakusa Death Fest on October 29th, 2017.

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