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...and the Sabbatical Queen


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R.I.P. Records
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1. Splatter 05:32   Show lyrics
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2. Gok Kan Ma 05:03   Show lyrics
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3. Satanician 05:31   Show lyrics
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4. Snow Woman 05:54   Show lyrics
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5. Flame on the Circle 05:20   Show lyrics
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6. Kamikaze Bomber 04:46  
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7. Sabbatical Demonslaught 03:37  
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8. Evoke the Evil 05:41   Show lyrics
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9. Mion's Hill (20th Epic Temis version) 07:16   Show lyrics
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10. Black Fire (20th Japanese / English version) 03:02   Show lyrics
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11. Screaming Murder (Raging Fury cover) 03:53  
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12. Satan Bless You 03:00   Show lyrics
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13. Hellfire 05:17   Show lyrics
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14. Black Fire 05:06   Show lyrics
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15. Bursting Out (Venom cover) 03:01   Show lyrics
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Miscellaneous staff
Kris Verwimp Cover art
Mr. Yamada Engineering
Kris Verwimp Cover art
Mr. Yamada Engineering
Read 20 Years of Sabbatical Regency 86% Evil_Johnny_666 May 18th, 2009

20th anniversary special release with new and re-recorded tracks.

Relased on double vinyl by Iron Pegasus as Praise the Sabbatical Queen with tracks taken from ...and the Sabbatical Queen. Limited to 1000 copies (500 on black vinyl, 100 on white, red, clear, blue and yellow vinyl).
A1. Snow Woman
A2. Kamikaze Bomber
A3. Gok Kan Ma
A4. Satanician
A5. Sabbatical Demonslaught
B1. Splatter
B2. Flame of the Circle
B3. Evoke the Evil
B4. Black Fire (20th Japanese / English version)
B5. Arijigoku (Nokemono cover)
C1. Black Fire (20th English / Japanese version)
C2. Screaming Murder (Raging Fury cover)
C3. Envenom into the Witch's Hole
C4. Disembody to the Abyss
C5. Evoke the Evil
C6. Reversed Bible
D1. Black Metal Horses
D2. Possessed Hammer
D3. Satan Bless You
D4. Hellfire
D5. Black Fire
D6. Bursting Out (Venom cover)
Tracks C3-C6 and D3-D6 recorded live at Music Farm in Nagoya, Japan, during the Black Metal Tour 1995.

"Arijigoku" is misspelled as "Arizigoku".

Recording information:

Produced by Sabbat.
Tracks 1-11 recorded & mixed at I.M.I. Light Inc. 2003-2004.
Mastered at Witch's Mill Studio & Ghostrain Studio.
Tracks 12-15 recorded live at Music Farm in Nagoya, Japan, during the Black Metal Tour 1995.


Barcode: 706567913622

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