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Infidel Eternal


Release date:
March 2005
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Step into the Forests of Your Dusk 01:11   instrumental
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2. Caller of the Typhoon 03:58   Show lyrics
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3. Before There Is Light 03:44   Show lyrics
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4. Bury My Coffin by My Own Hands 07:51   Show lyrics
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5. Winds of Plague 05:35   Show lyrics
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6. Hell Is My Heaven, Pain Is My Pleasure 06:00   Show lyrics
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7. The Relentless Agony Intimidates Me into the Black Silence as a New Moon 03:21   Show lyrics
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8. Downwards the Roots of Darkness 05:12   Show lyrics
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9. Fury of the Mountains 03:56   Show lyrics
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10. Below the Moon, Above the Earth 05:30   Show lyrics
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11. Black Metal Terrorism 10:45   Show lyrics
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Band members
Ironfist from Inferno Drums
Will Guitars
Mutilation Under the Moonlight Vocals
Devotee Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Mr. Ishii Engineering
Mr. Ishii Engineering
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The last song, "Black Metal Terrorism," is followed by a length of silence and then a cover of Darkthrone's "Unholy Black Metal" at 07:39.

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