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S.U.P. > Official Bootleg #13 ("Imago" Demos)
S.U.P. - Official Bootleg #13 ("Imago" Demos)

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Traces Part One

Official Bootleg #13 ("Imago" Demos)


Release date:
Catalog ID:
ORC 013
None yet
1. From Blood of Chrysalis (Demo) 04:13  
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2. Insect Drug (Demo) 05:26  
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3. Desolation (Demo) 04:15  
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4. Metamorphosis (Demo) 05:20  
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5. Hybrid State (Demo) 04:07  
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6. Strange Vibrations (Demo) 03:56  
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7. Liquid Flows (Demo) 04:03  
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8. The Deformed Army (Demo) 03:20  
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9. Apprehension (Demo) 04:41  
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10. Nothing I Control (Demo) 04:16  
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11. Sublimation (Demo) 04:15  
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12. Imago (Demo) 04:22  
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13th bootleg, this one focuses on the "Imago" preproduction.

The "Official Bootleg" series is a series of rare material officially released by the band, strictly limited to 50 (60 in some case) autographed home-made copies. They all are made of demos or carefully selected live sets.

Released by the band's own label, Orcinus records, the official bootlegs aren't available anywhere else than through the band's website(s) and both include S.U.P and/or Supuration material.

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