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S.O.B > What's the Truth?
S.O.B - What's the Truth?
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What's the Truth?


Release date:
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Selfish Records
2 reviews (avg. 84%)
1. Over the Line 02:05   Show lyrics
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2. Meddlesome Heart 02:03   Show lyrics
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3. Unseen Terror 02:16   Show lyrics
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4. Look like Devil II (Hell) 01:37   Show lyrics
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5. Obsessed with Wickedness 01:37   Show lyrics
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6. What's the Truth? 02:12   Show lyrics
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7. Never 01:31   Show lyrics
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8. Senseless Fantasy! 02:26   Show lyrics
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9. Repeat at Length 01:45   Show lyrics
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10. Why? 02:24   Show lyrics
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Band members
Daisuke Bass
Yasue Drums
Toshimi Guitars
Tottsuan (R.I.P. 1995) Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Tom Cover art
Daisuke Bass
Yasue Drums
Toshimi Guitars
Tottsuan (R.I.P. 1995) Vocals
Tom Cover art
Read Truth Is... 87% grain_silo July 13th, 2011
Read The truth is they want to... 80% Funeral_Shadow December 6th, 2005

The Rise Above version has the "Thrash Night" EP as bonus tracks. The album cover art has slightly brighter colour used than the one shown at the bottom.

The Toy's Factory version re-released in 1994 has the S.O.B tracks from the split 7" with Napalm Death and the "Suck Up Brain or Fuck Ya Brain?" flexi as bonus tracks. Shown below is the Toy's Factory edition cover art.

On the Rise Above edition, track 8 ("Senseless Fantasy!") is entitled "Slayer" and the Thrash Night bonus track "Fuck or Die" is entitled "Luck or Die."

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